There are artists who really catch our eye not just for attention to detail in productions, but his creative ideas for everything in relation to his craft down to teaching people how to create drums via Snapchat. Enter Notaker, a DJ/Producer who came into prominence on ZeroThree‘s Undiscovered compilation and recently made it into Jaytech‘s Positronic imprint with the Dream World Lapse EP, gaining support from a multitude of artist podcasts with the smooth club tracks contained. 

The latest release from the American producer sees a quality release hat trick, as Monstercat has signed his latest track “Infinite;” the production crosses the dark realm of French Techno and the ethereal atmosphere of trance for a sound that can fit into a myriad of DJ sets and stand out as an epic moment.

To give his own context behind the music, he put together his own visual sequence as the video; the evolving landscapes displayed provides a deeper understanding of the context inherent in what you hear. We’re excited to see what comes next from this guy, especially considering how daring he has been with the first few tracks that are out in the wild right now.
Check out Notaker on Soundcloud and keep up with his activity and production chops on Snapchat: NotakerMusic.

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