Above & Beyond continues to be one of the world’s favorite dance music groups. Their hit single ‘Sun & Moon’ now well over half a decade old, their popularity seems to just grow and grow with no signs of slowing down.

One of their most famed acts definitely goes to their infamous ‘push play’ moments where A&B usually picka random fan to help them start their sets. This past EDC in Las Vegas, they made an exception to their randomness and answered the calling of one their fans who wanted their grandparents first EDC moment to be truly special.

“I am currently going to attend Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas with my brother and grandparents, and I’ll keep this short and sweet. My grandmother turns 75 years old Friday, June 17th, and my grandpa will be 84 years old during the time as well. I’m trying to give them the best experience that they can have while they are there at EDC, and would love for my grandparents to push the button. We have to keep the edm scene going for as long as we can and this would really help to prove that the age difference has no affect in a place like EDC, and everyone loves everyone.”

Down below you will see just that as A&B, the fan and his grandparents greet thousand of EDC attendees for a truly epic start to an unforgettable set.

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