As sad as it is, there are many people out there seeking to get a profit from illegitimate tickets. There is more than one way to give someone a bunk wristband, be it a false call to customer service to get a new one or selling one from a different year. This year’s festival may have been the worst case of the issue, with thousands of people refused entry at the front gate. Considering the policy in place and clear options given, there’s not too much Insomniac can do at this point other than take notes and devise a way to get onboard for a new set of plans for next year.

Nick, a 21-year-old from Las Vegas who declined to give his last name, bought a wristband from someone he met through a friend of friend for $120 to attend the final night of EDC. The seller told him that they had attended the first two days of the festival, and wanted to sell their wristband since they would not be attending the third night. They met in person in Henderson and Nick exchanged cash for the wristband.

“I handed him $120 cash and they said all I had to do was register it through the app,” Nick said.


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  1. Kevin

    Is this website selling Fake EDC table Service ? Many of my people are started to Reporting to Insomniac and live nation.

    The website mentioned working with Insomniac so many people are believed We hope this is not a Scams.

    Their main website mentioned nothing about EDC ticket but they using Wechat app to selling EDC table service. Many people are already brought from them and they are so worry about not able to get into the show this years.


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