Alesso may or may not be working on a massive, Dance Music influences Rihanna Project…if he is, though, the comment he made about it is the last we’ll hear before any official news surfaces. The Swedish producer talked about how he may be able to work with the chart-topping vocalist because of mutual friends. On the heels of his new single Remedy, iHeart Radio had time to slip in a question about this new project he implied. The answer may be disappointing to those who wanted even dirtier details:

“It was all a mistake talking about Rihanna because people like to rephrase what I said. To clarify, no I never confirmed her [album], but rumors are rumors,” he says. “I feel it’s best I just leave no comments around it and no I can’t confirm anything. I learned my lesson not to speak about the big artists.”

Diplo responded to these comments with a classic Fight Club quote about not talking about Fight Club, which only sparks the rumors…without providing any evidence. It’s working, we’re excited and may just petition for a collaboration (collaborations?) like this to happen.

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