Armin Van Buuren knows that at his level of presence in the public eye, there are plenty of questions burning in the back of the minds of thousands. The Dutch Producer and DJ took to answering questions on Facebook before his Creamfields set this last weekend. Van Buuren’s rapid typing revealed something everyone can be happy about: his project with Benno de Goeji, Gaia, is going to be releasing an album in the future.

In 2014 people discovered, rediscovered, or fell in love all over again with the Trance phenomenon in question, personified by two mysterious figures with cryptic and intense imagery that they feel truly embodies their sound. Needless to say, this latest album will embody these same values.

The below interview says a lot about them, even though they seem to be of a few words. Check it out and keep locked here for more info on the album.

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