German DJ/Producer, Besomorph, is back with a brand new original release, ‘Crush’. Infectiously catchy, ‘Crush’ is a lyric-heavy deep house club banger that comes just in time for summer. As night clubs begin to re-open their doors to hungry dancers, you can best believe, ‘Crush’ will be one of the most played out tunes of the summer. A heavy bassline and darker production elements compliment the singer’s lyrics and sultry vibes as you dance the night away to ‘Crush’.

Besomorph is known for his dark, poppy hits and is an incredible remix artist. His work has garnered international success and you’ll find him globe-trotting to all the dance music-focused mainstays around the world. This prolific artist shows no signs of slowing down.

Listen to ‘Crush’ down below!

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