We know some of you are expressing outrage at Christmas decorations being sold WAY before Thanksgiving, but if there’s one-holiday cheer-filled thing we’d gladly accept right about now, it’s an early taste of Kaskade’s new Christmas single. When sir Ryan Raddon took over a full episode of Pasquale Rotella’s Night Owl Radio, he announced his new album for the Holidays “Kaskade Christmas” and dropped an exclusive song called “Deck The Halls”, which is now officially the first single off the upcoming holiday album. With a sensual vocal and some beautiful chords driving the song forward, the track sets the standard for any other producer looking to add their own production flair to popular Christmas classics.

I have always loved Christmas music. I grew up singing it with my family at Church which was the gateway to my High School Varsity Choir. This choir would travel all over Chicago and even landed in NYC to perform a concert series of Holiday classics. I know. Varsity Choir. You can stop rolling your eyes now I see you. But the experience was amazing and just deepened my appreciation for Christmas music. – Kaskade

You can get the full album when it officially drops on Friday, November 24th. The album will feature a total of 13 cheerful holiday tracks.

While we wait for Kaskade to drop this holiday album, listen below to some of his remixes of classic Christmas songs he’s done in the past.


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