We interrupt your food coma to bring you very important news from the euphoric weekend at Dreamstate to come: The map and schedule are officially out!

As with previous editions of the trance gathering, the NOS will be divided into four areas based on different subgenres of Trance: The Dream, The Sequence, The Vision, and Timeless are all a stone’s throw from each other and will be providing nonstop beats from 5PM to 2AM. Plenty of hard decisions will be had: Do you end an epic weekend with a Tech Energy set from marlo, Classics with Roger Shah, Anjuna’s creative stylings from Andrew Bayer, Classics with Roger Shah, or a UFO’s worth of destructive energy with Alpha Portal? This is one of several hard decisions you’ll have to make, but the key will be to balance your schedule out. A little psy here, some progressive there, and a sizable input of uplifting into your days will yield a truly enriching experience.

Check out everything below and block out 30 minutes to plan the best experience possible.


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