This last Friday, Above and Beyond gifted their fans with a surprise release. Referred to by Tony McGuinness as “cupboard clearance” on ABGT last week, the three-track EP has gems from their live shows that never saw the light of day. Despite their age, each release was highly demanded and constantly replayed in the form of rips. The EP itself is named after its oldest release; Out of Time was a club mix the trio made for their set at ABGT100. They looked back at making it in a post: “Out of Time was one of the very last things we finished while recording We Are All We Need way back in 2014. We were, quite literally, running out of time to deliver the album, a sentiment that feels appropriate as we race into the final days of this decade. The end of a chapter.”

Luckily for us, the other two tracks are as recent as their first big outing at the Gorge 150 ABGT episodes later, with the club mix of Is It Love and a festival update of their Tri-State Single Alone Tonight. This is only the beginning of the band’s gratitude; next week’s ABGT is a broadcast of their Dreamstate set. This epic two-hour journey showcases classics from throughout the years that put them on the map, with future classics like Another Angel and their latest instrumental from ABGT 350 leading the charge.

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