The Golden State’s prolonged legalization of marijuana is now not the only thing that’s discouraging young people who live there- California legislators have voted to raise the smoking and tobacco purchasing age to 21. It’s a development made in hopes to lower the amount of excessive use of tobacco both in smoking cigarettes and using Vape pens and e-cigs.

We can’t imagine how much stress this will lay on promoters who already deal with excessive regulations in the state. Smoking will more than likely be limited to 21+ areas; not nessicarilly a bad thing for those who hate the pungent smells of tobacco and juice in the middle of a Mainstage crowd, but a hassle for people who may have it on their shoulders to make sure no cigarettes or pens get outside of authorized areas.

We’ll see how this changes protocol soon; for now, check out the full article on Tech News.

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