At EDMBiz this year we ran into a booth full of enthusiastic individuals dressed head to toe in black and wearing an interesting symbol around their necks. Upon getting an intro to this booth, we came to find out that very symbol represented an app that’s sure to become the golden standard for both DJs trying to get their name out there and people who need an easy way to book as well as rate talent to rock their party. AGNT is a brand new app, conceived from the talent and experience of promoters and DJs who saw a need for a booking process as convenient as summoning a pink moustache’d car in the middle of the city.


AGNT had its first big outing the summer of its launch at Center of Gravity Festival in Edmonton, Canada. The event saw 20,000 attendees over its 3 days and booked about 20 out of 50 artists from AGNT for the bill, some local talent, and some bigger acts. We had a chance to talk to Ben Brown-Bentley, director of Marketing and Finance of the festival, about his experience with the app.


How did you find out about AGNT?

Viet [Nguyen], one of the AGNT founders, has been a longtime friend and business partner. He introduced me to the AGNT concept while still in beta and I’ve been able to see it grow from an idea to a fully functional app. It’s been very exciting to watch this come to fruition and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

What made you want to work with such a dynamic new platform to book your festival?

When booking 50+ acts on a festival, a lot goes into advancing small details with each of the artists; payment, rider requirements, etc. AGNT made this so much easier and kept track of all of it for us so nothing got missed!

Describe the process of booking the artists from the app; what were things that you found to be more efficient than the typical process?

The app made the whole advancing process that much easier for us. We didn’t have to keep track of everything in spreadsheets and through a bunch of emails, it was all in one easy to track location. We didn’t use it for the original artist scouting itself as we already had most of our artists booked by the AGNT launch but I’m sure that for next year, the app will be super helpful in the booking process and finding / vetting new talent to perform at the festival.


Eminence, Monstercat artist booked through AGNT. Photo Cred: Will Selviz

Would you use AGNT again? For which upcoming events?

 Definitely, especially now that we’ve gotten used to the app it will make our booking process a lot easier for future years. We’ll definitely be looking at using it again for Center of Gravity and potentially our other large events like Harvest Haus, Unbuckled and Casa de Amigos. We will also be recommending it to many of our clients for their events.
What is some advice that you have for other promoters who are looking to use this platform?

Give AGNT a try! It will expose you to artists you may not have been aware of, help advertise your brand on a growing platform, save you some money on your bookings, and save a lot of headaches with the advancing.

AGNT is available now on iOS and Android.

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