Combinator is the brainchild of Sean Fairchild. A global citizen, his Combinator project is a healthy balance of the industrial sound waves of NIN and the grotesquely complicated Squarepusher. re//combinator is his follow-up EP to ‘Eargoggle Fodder’ released in 2020. ‘Guest In Your Own Skin’ was recently released as the EP’s preview single. The accompanying music video takes you on a cyber-punk journey of audio bliss. Punk morphs with electronica elements as you try to grasp Combinator’s vibe and musical direction that seemingly knows no bounds. There’s a certain perspective that is uniquely his own and we’re thoroughly impressed with this new artist on GDE’s airwaves.

re//combinator includes two other original production as well as a couple remixes from Jesse Holt and Chi:Child. Something different that we don’t normally see is that the remixes on the album are actually a few throwbacks from previously unreleased tunes from Combinator’s back catalogue. Jesse Holt provides listeners with two different remixes that lean on the dance music side of things, while Chi:Child brings are a darker, grunge element to their remix.

Check out ‘Guest In Your Skin’ down below!

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