Splatoon 3’s newest print ad in Japanese Manga Comic Coro Coro has a little Easter egg featuring Daft Punk. The detail was found by a sharp-eyed Twitter User, who noted a poster of Daft Punk in the corner of the room setup. The “Daft Punk Airlines” poster features one of the helmeted duo’s singles “Around the World” as a catchy slogan for the company:

Daft Punk officially disbanded earlier this year. Their last couple of songs were collaborations with The Weekend, both of which went on to top the charts in their home Country of France. People are reacting to the post with speculation on whether or not the duo may have finished more music in the four years that they were not active before ending the project, including a song for this very game.

Splatoon 3 sees an official release in 2022, which will likely coincide with the franchise’s next official soundtrack, Splatune 3. The series has never featured the duo, but this easter egg and desert imagery for the game that closely resembles the videos for Daft Punk’s music videos could be more than just a coincidence.


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