By now, we have all heard the news. This morning, the iconic French electronic duo that many of us grew up on, announced their split. The two posted a farewell video called “Epilogue.”

If you haven’t managed to see it, the over 7-minute video starts with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in their helmets (of course) walking through the desert. They face each other and then part, separating with a robotic explosion. With it, their music run that spanned decades – from 1993 unit 2021 – came to a close.

As if we all haven’t been through enough already, this is news that shocked and saddened the EDM community. But there has been a light of thankfulness surrounding it, as everyone has all come together to reminisce about their greatest Daft Punk memories. All-day, people have been posting their gratitude for the two that inspired them, introduced them to this universe, and brought us all together. See some below from artists that we know and love, many who were influenced by them throughout their lives and careers. And let us know what your favorite Daft Punk moments or music are as we come to the end of an era.

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