Datsik’s drop from his management company Deckstar may not have been as sudden as it seemed on the web. According to a report from EDM.com, a woman reached out to Deckstar last October regarding an incident in 2013 after the DJ allegedly raped her in London’s Fabric Nightclub. The victim, who chooses to remain anonymous, reached out to EDM.com with screenshots detailing the conversation that took place between her and the management company.

EDM.com writes, “Within 24 hours of sending her allegations of rape to Deckstar Management, the alleged victim was contacted by a crisis management publicist from a Public Relations firm. In their brief exchange, the alleged victim was pressed for more information and was also asked, ‘What is it that you’re looking for?’”

She also noted that her reason for initially contacting Deckstar was to bring awareness to the issue and to help prevent other women from becoming victims. The woman simply asked for a letter of apology, which she says she never received.

This, along with several other cases are still being investigated.


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