Earlier this spring deadmau5 made his way around the U.S. on his ‘lots of shows in a row’ tour featuring his new Cube 2.1 stage show and lots of new music. “Legendary,” an experimental hip- hop track he teased fans with late last year featuring Manchester, UK rapper Shotty Horroh was a highlight of the performance. Today, Friday, August 25 mau5trap officially releases the track which also cements Shotty Horroh as a new artist signing to deadmau5’s label.

Born and raised in the Harpurhey part of Manchester, England, Shotty broke through the clutter with razor sharp battle rap skills, which were viewed by millions around the world via YouTube videos. Said videos caught the attention of Canadian super-producer deadmau5. Shotty left such an impression that deadmau5 flew him from Manchester to his studio outside Toronto almost immediately and the two spent several days straight in the studio. The vibe was so right, it laid the groundwork for a longstanding relationship.

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