Two weeks ago, two Midwest natives, Daisy Draper and Brandon Weavers, unveiled their Indie Pop duo debut as Oceanlux with their ‘Versa Vice’ album debut. The two formed Oceanlux in Indiana with the hopes of taking their eccentric and captivating projects to the main stage, where Draper’s electrifying voice and Weavers’ multi-talented instrumentation can really fly. Their lyrics are mixture of melancholy, heartache, soul-searching, sex, and the songs themselves can be intensely upbeat or slow.

‘Madness’ is the lead single and coincidentally the first song on ‘Versa Vice’. Daisy sings out the fear that comes out of the madness in heartache and self-turmoil. Her lyrics fly swiftly through Weavers’ half-time swaying production that offer a great segue into the album. ‘Demon’ is the darkest song on Oceanlux’ debut. As Daisy drops ‘down, down, down’ into a bowl of sadness and self-doubt, Brandon’s heavy bassline and hi-hat trills wake up the senses and helps Daisy’s voice take off once again, only to be brought back down by heartbreak. Daisy and Brandon find ‘Raw love’ in the second single on ‘Versa Vice’. ‘Raw Love’ is the most hopeful tune out in the album, as it breaks down the superficialities in finding love to its barest or in this case, rawest form. Despite the madness and bruises of self-doubt, ‘Raw Love’ is an essentially pure and heartwarming track that Oceanlux can champion as the best song in ‘Versa Vice’

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