Simply put, Anjunabeats’ sister label Anjunadeep’s A&Rs will always deserve a pay raise; the innate ability to discover and nurture such a wide variety of quality talent in the Deep and Progressive scenes is  one that they can confidently claim to have. Anjunadeep’s latest release comes from an Modd, an artist who was spotted for his work on other renowned labels such as All Day I Dream and Mexico’s Akbal Music. After his label debut with Inki on Anjunadeep’s third installment of their “Explorations” series a few months ago, he’s back with a full four track EP of his own called Guron that bears the famous A insignia. Modd had this to say about to EP:

“I’m delighted to join the Anjunadeep family with my new Guron EP. This line from one of my favorite Russian poems inspired me whilst writing it. It translates roughly as… “Do not forbid yourself to create, despite sometimes it comes out awry; your silly motifs no one is able to replicate.”

Modd demonstrates his irreplicable style with each piece of music on the release, starting off with the title track and its bewitching melodies and atmosphere. The EP maintains the theme of courageous expression throughout: Swan Meadow takes the energy up a notch with a more colorful baseline below a myriad of standout synths, Tryusole conveys purely blissful vibes, and the final track Mohican lands the plane just right with a choice set of strings that provide a feeling of closure. We’re more than onboard with this body of work and glad to see such a diverse artist on one of the best boutique labels in the world.

Check out the whole EP on Spotify and take listen to his latest mix for the Anjunadeep Edition below.



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