We’re in a strange world at the moment; people are starting to become aware that there’s work to be done with the words they choose in order to avoid offending others…but there’s also a backlash of intolerance from internet citizens who say you can’t say anything without offending someone. Those on the latter side of the argument may not understand the gravity of deadmau5’s comments during a live stream. A YouTube user posted a 22-second outtake of the stream in which the producer listens to a clip of Slushii’s music and immediately calls it “AIDS music…” though he seems to be referencing the sample, the comment is still in relatively bad taste. He follows this up with an incredibly cringe-worthy comment on the style of music as “autistic shit.”

Slushii is on the autism spectrum himself and shared that with his disappointment on Twitter after the clip was posted. While deadmau5 is known for being outspoken, this is just an awful comment to make about anyone. This is especially resonant on World Mental Health Awareness Week. The producer has since apologized for the comments, “This has been a very difficult period and I sincerely apologize for my comments which were completely offensive and I take full responsibility for. […] I’ve consulted with friends and loved ones and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in need of professional help to get on top of my issues and become a better me.” but considering this comes directly after homophobic and transphobic comments he made, we’re going to have to see results before offering forgiveness.

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