All you gamers out there know that good games don’t just have one final boss…there are usually about three to 26 of them. The same goes for Excision and Dion Timmer’s track of the same name; the first “Final Boss” came from them, then out of nowhere, Dillon Francis stepped into the ring with his own take on the heavy track. With Francis’s take, the heaviness remains and is tinged with a Moombahton mentality. You hear several vocal chops, a slowed down tempo, and percussion that makes you want to do that strange-looking-but-fun wobble thing you do to Moombahton music. While the genre doesn’t have enough influence to secure a stage at a billion giant yearly festivals, it’s still incredibly fun in its own right. Francis remains making music in this style because he loves it himself, and because he’s passionate about it, every track or remix comes out as fresh as the last.

Excision has about 17 additional tracks to release on his Virus Remix LP- look out for that release soon.

Listen to the track below exclusively from Dancing Astronaut.

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