Bassnectar incorporated several photos expressing a political and social opinion in his set at Bass Center X. Inevitably this inspired an expected wave of “just make music, nobody wants your opinion” comments from dim-witted members of the peanut gallery(to be polite). Luckily though, the smarter comments gained more of a voice, and a legitimate discussion was had. The photo, posted by Rave Humor, displayed four big photos that Bassnectar displayed.

“If you guys are saying electronic music and politics should be separate stop listening to electronic. Electronic music is LITERALLY devoted to unity,” said one such commentator. “And unfortunately the Shit politics of our country currently are trying to divide us.”

One such fan did not agree with the message being displayed at the show though: he said that the vibes were “killed,” to which another commenter said calling out hate and Nazis was the “moral, correct, and in-idiotic thing to do.” Wanting music of substance that’s not as shallow as the danceable pop music that can litter festivals but rejecting music that makes you think about the state of the world seems a bit contradictory.

We have to ask: do you think Bassnectar went too far? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous

    You all d ont know the first thing about politics and bassnectar is just trying tobrainwash you into his thinking through the power of music how blind are you to not see That? You all are the damn sheep here….and by you all I mean socialist because like it or not….That’s the agenda your wanting to push….

    • Anonymous

      Yeah we want to push an agenda where humans help humans. Crazy shit man we sure are sheeple. Hurry up trump get rid of our socialist disaster relief forces right? The free market does an awesome job sheltering the people while rebuilding schools hospitals and homes


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