A man knew formally as “Alex” thought up an ingenious plan to get his alcohol into Electric Zoo Festival, very reminiscent of the days when our grade school teachers had their students make “Time machines” for themselves. Essentially, Alex buried a perfectly normal, reusable Nalgene water bottle full of Belvedere vodka in the middle of the venue weeks before the event. He then used a plastic scooper that looks like a back scratcher to dig said water bottle back up from that same spot and allow the cheap reveling to commence. Luckily for him, security did not care about the instrument in question since it looked harmless. While the pictures he used had different color bottle caps, Alex says he split it with his homies (as one should) and the other bottle had a different color on it. This is true artistry at play…we just hope festival promoters don’t start trying to unearth the whole venue before the first day now.


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