Electric Zoo, despite the issues that the festival has endured, remains one of New York City’s wildest and best events. The event takes place at Randall’s Island Park, and over the last six years it has started to come into its own as a festival that books a refreshing mix of top tier talent and up and coming local acts.

This latest iteration of the event, “The 6th Boro,” is going to be the latest in their unique stage by stage display of animal inspired production value. Billboard interviewed chief marketing officer of Made Event Michael Julian and Electric Zoo creative director Jeff Wright about the event, and they had a lot to say about what’s to come this year. Specifically, what inspired the artful designs you see below:

“There had previously been some big art activations each year – some cool big sculptures, an interactive piece called Sonic Forest, graffiti artists painting school buses. And our site art & deco team, still headed today by the wonderful and talented Patty Gutarra, started collecting big fiberglass animals and painting them and re-painting/re-surfacing them each year. And that’s something I still like to push forward each year – the return and rebirth of those animals, and adding to them.

Now it’s all one integrated vision – the stage designs and the site art and deco, and costumed performers (we’re bringing back Big Nazo Studio this year, but they have some special new bio-mechanical animals that are made specifically for Electric Zoo). I want to go so much further with it, really making a complete world around you from the moment you walk through the gates.”

If you’re going to Electric Zoo, be sure to check out each of these stages thoroughly when you finally jump in to party from Friday September 1st to Sunday the 3rd. If you’ve come to your senses and realize this can’t be missed, single day and full weekend passes tickets to this zoo are still on sale via the festival’s website.

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