It’s been pretty obvious that Major Lazer has moved away from their original Moombahton and reggae influence. They’ve gradually reconstructed their musical destination and “Lean On,” featuring MØ was just the beginning. Justin Bieber was added to the equation and pop is what’s on the agenda.

Major Lazer’s newest single is called “Run Up” and strays a bit away from their dancehall anthems and tends more to an Afrobeat influence.

Diplo has learned that singles and LP’s are better than albums when they blow up and start top charting like “Lean On.” It’s a better idea to wait until there are huge hits to compile an album, but for now, keep expecting singles.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of African and Afrobeat music and I work with a lot of writers from there, like Wizkid. We’re trying new styles. We did a dancehall sound on every album and pushed [that genre] forward a little bit and then in the last year, everybody’s done dancehall. It’s time for us to do something different.”

“Yeah, we have enough songs [for an album] but I don’t think people digest our music like that. The last record went gold but it took a year and a half to do that. It was crazy. [Laughs] It’s the singles that keep us rising and get more people coming out to our parties. But if we put out four songs that go Top 5, then I’ll put the album out.”


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