Insomniac always chooses the best soundtracks to their trailers and announcement videos. One exceptional track that stood out was “The Factory” by Brennen Grey. You might’ve heard the track on multiple posts by Insomniac when they announced their Factory 93 takeover at the Neon Garden for EDC Vegas this year. It’s enchanting yet dark melody was just the right amount of techno to introduce such an enticing stage.

See you in the #neonGARDEN. #EDCLV2017 #Factory93 Track ID: ‘The Factory’ by @brennengrey

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Insomniac also included his track, “Underground” in another announcement video for Factory 93 at the Neon Garden with equally aesthetically pleasing visuals. Grey’s sound is as heavy and dark as it gets, getting you into a groove. His tracks have been released on multiple record labels like his track “Creature Comfort” on Sian’s Octopus Recordings, and other tracks on Insomniac Records, Minimal Sessions, and Immune.

Check out Brennen Grey’s Soundcloud for more material and don’t miss this up and coming artist at the Neon Garden hosted by Factory 93 on Sunday June 18th, at 7pm!

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