50 minutes late and completely uncooperative with the production team spelled a horrendous set for DJ Khaled this weekend at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Fans screamed for the next act of the night, Yellow Claw, to play and later began to boo him off . The video down below is really hard to watch folks, as DJ Khaled dropped one embarrassment set after another. And another one….

Since then, DJ Khaled has taken to his Instagram to claim himself as the victim of bullying by the sound and production team. He went furter to say that his horrible set was a result of sabotage. In the first video down below, Khaled announced that the reason why there was such a long delay was due to DJ equipment overheating. Simply put, he should have just gotten off the damn stage.


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  1. derrrrppp

    the idiots screaming in the first video sound like a bunch of butthurt bitches. wtf is a yellowclaw anyway? retards


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