2002 was a wild Summer that year and P. Diddy was the reason for that as he and his Bad Boy record label were on top of the world dropping hit after hit after hit. Especially when he released “I Need a Girl Part 2” featuring Loon, Ginuwine & Mario Winans. He had every radio station and music video channel playing his song from Japan to New York to LA. “Part Two” peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number two on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart. It also charted on the UK Singles Chart at number four. With the song’s success on the charts, P. Diddy achieved the rare occurrence of having both parts of the song become big hits. Only Diddy can do that!

Fast forward nearly 18 years later and the song is still a slapper across every club in the States. And DJ Snake knows this as he decided to produce an updated Reggatone version of Diddy’s classic Hit ‘I Need a Girl Part 2’ for Ozuna’s new ‘Nibiru’ album, called ‘Eres Top.’ Snake easily captured the essence of the song with a new 2019 taste that’ll have every 2000s kid shaking their asses on the dance floor. Snake knew exactly what he was doing when producing the track and not only does it have the classic sample but Diddy himself is also featured on the track. You’re truly a beast for this one, DJ Snake.

Listen to the new banger below (or on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc) and Tweet us your thoughts on the song @GlobalDanceGDE

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