Dreamstate is making your trance dreams come true with their all-new Dreamstate Records.

Insomniac’s Dreamstate was debuted in 2015 and since then, shows all over America, festivals, and club nights have been onboard. Now we welcome Dreamstate Records, a powerful trifecta of Dreamstate, Iboga Records and FMBooking. With the power of Insomniac’s fan base, and two huge partners, expect amazing music from this record label!

Iboga Records and FMBooking (both of which are pillars in the psytrance scene) are on board for the ride, sealing a three-pronged partnership that holds all the promise in the world. With Iboga’s decades of frequent flyer miles, FMBooking’s ridiculously stacked roster, and Dreamstate’s determination to blow minds at every turn, you best believe this trifecta of power players is going to put together a catalog that pushes the genre into the future.

The debut release of Dreamstate Records is still in unknown so keep an eye out for more information! Don’t miss Dreamstate SoCal and purchase tickets now before they’re gone!

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