While music, shows, and festivals take up so much of our lives, we all know that there are other (good and bad) things going on in the world. One of those things that recently happened was Hurricane Dorian. Hurricane Dorian was an oddly slow moving hurricane that happened back in August. It was the most powerful tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas, and is known as the worst natural disaster in that country’s history.

While hurricanes are horrible in general with the havoc that they wreck and the lives they take, the Bahamas feels close to home for many of us because it is a popular cruise destination. For any of us that have been on Friendship or Holy Ship! where the Bahamas was a destination, we felt especially tied to the islands. There were cries to help with relief efforts around the EDM community, as people all over the country and the world sent aid in their own private way. Insomniac, however, stepped in as well.

NowThis News published a clip today about the relief efforts that Insomniac is contributing to. We all know and love Insomniac as the bringer of some of our favorite festivals, such as HARD, EDC, and Beyond Wonderland. We’ve been there as they have changed aspects of the festival to make it better. One of the biggest changes was offering Camp EDC, which allowed festival goers to camp in tents built and provided by Insomniac that had electricity and air conditioning. This meant we didn’t have to deal with traffic to and from the festival and could have a great time in the camping community.

Insomniac took those tents that we have all raved in, and they brought it to the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian displaced 70,000 people in its wake, and Insomniac is helping mitigate that loss by bringing hundreds of tents to the islands – enough to house 5,000 people. The executive director essentially stated a city was built in Vegas, and therefore needed to be done in the Bahamas to help. They have spent about $1 million so far transporting and setting up tents, and the EDM community is proud to be associated with an organization that is taking its immense resources and doing good. It is the spreading of peace, love, unity, and respect that we constantly strive for.

See the news clip below:

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