Dutch singer and songwriter, Amaris Wenceslas, has been a female electronic dance music project in the making since 2014. For those who are unfamiliar with this name, she doubles as Amaris and Geiko, where the former is more electro-pop and the latter an EDM project. She made the interesting choice of releasing two new albums at the same time for both projects. ‘Neon Colors’ under Amaris and ‘The Hollow’ under Geiko.

A listen through her album and one would her a voice similar to that of Bjork and a singing style similar to Lily Allen. Amaris opens ‘Neon Colors’ with ‘Deep Into Space’, an exploratory dive into flowing utterances heard throughout the rest of album. ‘Bassline’ and ‘Unsigned’ are two songs akin to pop music in the United States that leaves the ears and body feeling light and bubbly.

The one song that really resonates and stands out from the rest of album is the album titled single at the end. A pop and hip-hop fusion, the closing track is actually something you could easily hear at Coachella.

‘Neon Colors’ by Amaris is out now.

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