All the way from St. Louis, Missouri, Jared Simmons is musician and graphic artist, who produces music under the pseudonym, Vipid. The sound of Vipid can be described as a blend of electronic music that is chill, ambient, and intensely soothing. ‘Daydream’ captures an exceptional vibe that can be enjoyed during a mellow day, meditation, a perfect capitulation of inspiration that Vipid draws from the geography of Los Angeles.

Many of the album track titles seem to draw inspiration from the water and fluid movements, ie ‘Surf Rider’, ‘Shore’, and ‘Seabed’. It’s apparent that Vipid spent much of his time on the West Coast beaches that create an mesmerizing ebb and flow rhythm that you’ll find throughout all three of those tracks. ‘Surf Rider’ is an especially passionate song as it creates a psychedelic experience with the guitar instrumentation that you’ll find yourself loving when it kicks in.

‘Canyon’ is another standout track that reminds me of driving on the Pacific Coast Highway or through the curvy roads of Topanga Canyon. If you actually like to drive Los Angeles, there are moments when you’ll find yourself on a stretch of road or highway all to yourself and this would be the perfect soundtrack to describe the calming qualities you could get (however, rarely in LA) when driving.

All in all, Vipid has curated an exception ambient album that is ‘Daydream’.

Listen to the full album down below!

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