Tough Ultra Music Festival has been approved by a vote four months ago to return to the Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, there’s still no contract in place to hold the event. The festival needs a traffic management plan and permits among several other factors to make the event work in March, but the important first step to this process is the agreement. The Miami Herald reported the city’s administrators are still in the process of finalizing the agreement. One important factor in this process changed; instead of working with the Bayfront Park Management Trust, they are working with the City Commission itself. The halfway mark has already been hit between city commissioners voting the event back to Bayfront Park and the day doors open

Commissioners approved the festival’s return to Bayfront Park over objections from neighbors who live in condo towers across from the park. They cited the event’s booming sounds levels as health hazards that could lead to hearing loss, rattle their cabinets and generally prevent them from enjoying their homes in peace. Neighbors also complained about decreased access to the park during the month it takes Ultra to set up, hold the event, then tear down the stages.

In 2018, the festival was booted from downtown after a tense summer-long debate among commissioners laced with political quarrels and increasing outcry from neighbors. After hastily moving to Virginia Key for the 2019 event, the festival was marked with disorganized logistics that left organizers and fans displeased, along with new noise complaints from other parts of the city. Ultra voluntarily backed out of another year at the key before commissioners could consider approving another year.


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