Score another one for Dance Music as a force in the world: Frank Ocean just gave House and Techno a big shoutout in relation to his upcoming work. In a cover story for W Magazine, he details this influence: “I’ve been interested in club, and the many different iterations of nightlife for music and songs, and so the things I look at now have a lot to do with those scenes: Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic…” while he reveals this and even talks about how his music will be less autobiographical than his previous album Blonde, there were no details revealed about when this new music would surface.

While his upcoming new album will be self-released, Ocean expressed that he is currently interested in exploring projects that are more collaborative in nature:

“I think for a while I’d like to get away from work that’s solitary by nature. I’ve never been in a band or had a songwriting partner or been with a group, so it’s always been a lot of time on my own writing and doing the work. I like the parts of the process where I work with session musicians or with other record producers or featured artists and guest vocalists. I’ve been trying to make time to do more of that sort of thing, and be in spaces where I’m not the expert.”

Stay tuned to find out if this sudden influence caused him to make some friends in our neck of the woods.

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