The last we heard from Gesaffelstein, he was mystifying the festival scene by bringing the world’s blackest black as the backdrop for his Coachella set. Today, he went and dropped a subtle warning about not one, but six incoming songs:

The EP is called NOVO SONIC SYSTEM, and the many questions you’re probably asking probably won’t be answered until the album’s release. We’re certainly interested in a few things: what style is he going to express? Will this be a continuation of his album in March? Who’s collaborating with him on this? Will the album sound like the color Black? Only time will tell, but we don’t have to ask if a listen will be worth our time…it’s sure to be.

Gesaffelstein touches down on the Shrine Expo Hall on November 8th & 9th, meaning the people smart enough to get tickets right out of the gate have six additional reasons to be stoked when the night finally comes.

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