Following his last studio album, ‘Hyperion’, the Dark Prince of Techno, Gesaffelstein, returns to the global airwaves with Novo Sonic System. The 6-track EP is a sonic audio statement that pays homage to the original dark themes and sounds that brought Gesaffelstein to the spotlight some 4, 5 years ago.

You’ll hear some sounds in ‘Dance X’ and ‘Doom’ that may take you back to the apocalyptic soundscapes that emanated from his ‘Aleph’ album. Bone-crushing rolling basslines falling in line with a booming 4×4 kick drum.

If you’ve ever witnessed Gesaffelstein live, you’ll recognize his love for aspects of punk rock and really all garage band sounds that can really cause a ruckus. ‘ORCK’ and ‘IGNIO’ push the boundaries and dance between the lines of dance music and punk rock.

‘Novo Sonic System’ and ‘Metalotronics’ seem to blend the sounds of the old and familiar with the new and innovating. With Halloween right around the corner, the two tracks provide a spooky, haunted techno castle vibe in the year 3000.

Check out the EP down below and comment what your favorite track is!

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