Nevada’s mega clubs are facing more issues than typical businesses on the Las Vegas Strip. As states begin phased reopening of all of their businesses, bars and nightlife venues will have an extremely difficult time adhering to new social distancing guidelines. The American Nightlife Association and the International Nightlife Association are brainstorming ways to effectively hold their events, but packed crowds are a necessity for businesses to make enough money.

With most venues around the country scrambling to sell tickets for less than half a potential venue capacity, this will be a serious challenge. “A landowner will not take 25 percent of the rent. Utility companies will not take 25 percent of the cost to operate. A venue that sells just alcohol cannot generate revenue. If they sell food, they can have some revenue,” said American Nightlife Association president JC Diaz. “A lot of countries are looking at [Vegas] to take the lead– what the quality and standards should be.” At the moment, venues like Marquee Nightclub, Hakassan, XS, and Omnia may be closed until next year.

At the time of this post, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak has not announced guidelines for the reopening of bars or nightlife. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is urging the reopening of the city, but said she wants to leave the specific social distancing and safety guidelines up to each individual business.


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