In the wake of the 2020 cancellation of Lightning in a Bottle due to the effects of COVID-19, Do LaB, one of North America’s premier independent music and arts festival promoters, today revealed the lineup and more for the first-ever DGTL LIB livestream music festival, taking place Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-24. By combining all of the musical curation, whimsy and wackiness, cause-driven educational programming and centering wellness offerings that create the lasting memories Lightning in a Bottle attendees are so fond of, the DoLaB will once again bring their community together, despite the distance.

As we continue to adjust to new forms of entertainment during covid-19, DGTL LIB sets itself apart as a digital festival as it welcomes performances from class industry selectors and LIB veterans alike, from Glitch Mob to the first-ever live-streamed performance from urban beatsmith Kaytranada, to Four Tet, Tycho (DJ set), TOKiMONSTA, Shiba San, CloZee, Beats Antique, Mr. Carmack, Eli & Fur, Sacha Robotti, Random Rab, Luttrell, Marques Wyatt, Autograf, Opiuo, Justin Jay, Funk Hunters, Rinzen, Elephant Heart, Dirtwire, Subsuelo, Patricio, OAKK, ATYYA, saQi, Jeremy Sole, An-ten-nae, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and many more.

Not only will performers curate one-of-a-kind sets for guests to enjoy, but select artists will perform in favorite LIB stages, recreated as digital environments by Vita Motus Design Studio to create a full immersive experience. From the colourful tendrils of the Woogie to the striking bass-heavy temple of Thunder Stage, there’ll be a musical home for everyone. By utilizing Unreal Engine technology and leveraging live production expertise, all elements of a real production are able to seamlessly integrate and bring an engaging broadcast to life from various remote locations, including set design, lighting design, video mapped content, embedded performances, camera capture, and more.

“For the first time ever, a branded festival environment has been recreated in a gaming engine to be used for live broadcast,” said Heather Shaw, CEO of Vita Motus Design Studio. “We at Vita Motus think that Lightning in a Bottle is an ideal environment to showcase our realtime rendering capabilities because of its completely unique architecture, iconic design, and immersive content.”

“Here at Do LaB, we’ve always been forward-thinking and our longtime partnership with Vita Motus has helped us bring our insane visions to life,” said Jesse Flemming, President of Do LaB, Inc. “We are excited to be pushing the envelope with them again, but this time in the digital world.”

DGTL LIB attendees can expect to reconnect with the same dedicated community of adventurers, educators, and visual artists that have made up the festival’s programming since the early 2000s. The educational haven of The Compass will offer viewers with in-depth discussions on Aliens & ExtraTerrestrials with film producer Alan Steinfeld and a special Kiss the Ground presentation from actress Nat Kelly, while the ArtClave and the Learning Kitchen provide viewers with workshops on Water Color Painting with Coffee, Aphrodisiac Chocolates, and making Sourdough Bread.

The Compass will also bring guided yoga and meditation instruction, from favorite instructors such as Kundalini yoga expert Jai Dev and Deep Exhale house savant Marques Wyatt. Now, more than ever, it’s important to unwind the mind and experience a one of a kind space for dancers, yoga enthusiasts, and movers to take a load off and regenerate their energy. Through yoga, art workshops, live painting auctions and more, DGTL LIB is poised to transport attendees out of their homes and immerse them in the true festival experience.

No LIB is complete without the discovery of wacky activities and independent entertainment collectives that really give the festival its ability to surprise and delight. The vintage Frontierville of The Grand Artique will return to DGTL LIB to offer a live talent and variety show, in addition, to live interactive art, improv theater, open mic’ and more from The Jive Joint and The Fungineers.

DoLaB fans and the LIB community is known for its resilience and its ability to adapt, and the introduction of DGTL LIB will be no different. 2020 attendees can expect the experience of a lifetime guided by forward-thinking musical curation, immersive art installations, and cause-driven educational programming that has come to define the brand and can tune in by following DGTL LIB on Twitch at

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