A little known fact is that only 2% of the world’s music is produced by woman. Finnish singer and songwriter is breaking this glass ceiling with her new, self-produced track, ‘Uusikuu’ (New Moon). What sounds like something you would see in movie, GEA’s production of ‘Uusikuu’ came to her in a vision during a family vacation in Christmas 2020. A vision of of a reindeer with a headpiece that is brought to life in the music video down below. This vision was reaffirmed by Mother Nature herself, when GEA encountered deer shortly after her vision.

“The life of your dreams already exists at the energy level. All you have to do is to bring it into a concrete form through your actions.”

GEA sings in her native Finnish language and the song takes us on a breath-taking trance that you really need to hear while watching the amazing music video she put together. GEA’s music has been featured on Netflix and she has performed her music worldwide. Her prolific career is just beginning and hopefully inspires others to break the glass ceiling.

Listen to Uusikuu down below!

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