Largely inspired by his work in the music industry, Yoav Gore set out to curate the musical journey that is Cinematica. Beaming from start to finish, Globus is a band project that has put a truly mesmerizing 17-track LP. Cinematica is a complete work of art that brings listeners through a sonic journey presenting themes of war, peace, religion, personal healing and more as you progress through the album. A cheeky cover of David Bowie’s I’m Afraid of Americans delights the ears with a fresh perspective on a truly classic tune of its time. Cinematica is complex and yet a refreshing take on the boundlessness rock music has taken. A theatrical, cinematic listening experience that will please true audiophiles and peak the interest of those to come.

“With Cinematica, I wanted to create a musical journey, much like the best of cinematic experiences, which takes the listener through a myriad of visual landscapes and deep connections to the essential fibers of the human condition. The album contains a diverse representation of musical genres, with lyrical explorations of complex relationships, mental health, tyranny, war, unifying struggles, healing and hope. Much of the inspiration came from a familiar production process for Globus – using original orchestral instrumental compositions to evoke and inspire new melodies and additional arrangement elements, creating new Cinematic Rock songs. It’s vital to me that the intended result is a visceral, immersive, bigger-than-life aural experience for the listener.” – Yoav Goren

Joining Yoav on the Global band project is accomplished film composer and vocalist, Lisbeth Scott; seasoned Dutch singer and songwriter, Anneke Van Giersbergen; primary male vocalists Dann Pursey and Ryan Hanifl; as well as legendary musicians Robert Fripp and Gregg Bissonette. In addition to long list of other collaborators, Globus’ style of music focuses on creating soundscapes that tell a story to truly showcase the wide array of talent and backgrounds of their various band members. Therefore, their influences are numerous and the work that’s released is thought-provoking.

Check out Cinematic down below.

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