At a glance, a heated reply on twitter from Kosmic Events owner Daniel Green banning an attendee from all future shows seems harsh. However, the reveler in question Pete Townshend warranted a public dragging. Townshend uploaded a video to Twitter, now 1.9 million views deep, of himself taking more than 15 tabs of acid in one go. The video was extremely short, but it didn’t leave any questions on the table. After revealing the monstrous tab on his tongue, he rotated the video and showed a brief look at the festival itself.

What we don’t see is the aftermath of that brief clip; in response to someone in the Twitter replies who claimed Townshend was “grown as hell,” Green revealed that he made several people uncomfortable and even returned to the show at 3AM after the festival presumably kicked him out…while wearing his hospital gown. Something like this would be difficult for anyone to come back from in less than a couple of weeks, but Townshend hasn’t deactivated his account. After sincerely apologizing for an admittedly irresponsible act, he’s been active on Twitter telling people not to repeat his mistake. In fact, he’s using his new platform to spread knowledge about harm reduction.

If you didn’t know before…now you know that 2mg of Acid at once in a public setting will probably cause issues.

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