The unfortunate events that followed HARD Summer at Pomona’s Fairplex created a wave of events that seems to have continued today. In an official statement, Renee Hernandez confirmed that electronic events will not be hosted at Pomona’s Fairplex in 2016. This raises two questions: one, where will HARD be located with Pomona and Downtown LA ruled out and two, will there be a chance for electronic music events to be accepted in the greater SoCal area again, and what exactly will it take?

“We are not looking to host [electronic dance music] concerts or related events in 2016.” – Association Spokeswoman Renee Hernandez

“This is a right step in the right direction,” said Mario Ramos, a member of the group Protect Our Neighborhood, formed to oppose the raves after they arrived at the Fairplex in 2014. “I just wish they made this decision a year and a half ago, prior to the deaths of the two women.”


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