You are supposed to learn from your past, they say. But, they also say that history repeats itself.

This seems to be the case with Ja Rule. As if you haven’t heard enough about Fyre Festival, the disaster that occurred, and all of the coverage in documentaries and even a spoof film after, there is one more thing that is making the news.

While founder Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud, co-creator and rapper Ja Rule is walking around free. He loudly proclaimed he was not to blame, claiming that he was, “hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, lead astray!!!” We find it hard to believe, especially considering that he is still trying to profit from the absolute mess that was Fyre.

First, we saw Ja Rule start his own app, similar to the Fyre application that the original festival wanted to promote. The basis of the application was that you could book high profile talent for your own event such as a birthday party. Basically, if she was on this app, anyone could book Beyoncé for their barbecue. While the Fyre app went up in flames along with the festival, Ja Rule is trying to create and launch ICONN, which is pretty much the exact same application with a different name and, as he states, a different team creating it.

This may seem like a lot already until you also hear that he wants to put on another festival and make it the success that Fyre wasn’t.

This shouldn’t completely surprise anyone. After Fyre imploded upon itself, both Billy and Ja Rule thought they were going to do Fyre 2 in 2018. Why? We have no idea. That obviously did not work, but just the fact that these two considered it and tried to make it happen should be enough of an indicator that they are both willing to try and fail at anything repeatedly.

Ja Rule teased the possibility of this “iconic” music festival when he was interviewed by TMZ at the airport:

“In the midst of chaos is opportunity…I’m working on a lot of new things…It is most iconic festival that never was. I have plans to create the iconic music festival, but you didn’t hear it from me.”

We can only guess whether this may be the beginnings for two more documentaries. Netflix and Hulu should be at the ready.

See the interview clip below:

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