GDE: You’re currently involved with a couple BPM showcases, today playing out ALL Gone Pete Tong, and earlier with ANTS Recordings, what does it mean to you to be included with all these showcases as a musician?

Joris Voorn: Ya, I was also in Miami in between ANTS and Pete Tong’s event and I’ll be heading to Los Angeles tomorrow. You know theres a lot of festivals in the world going on all the time and I’m always traveling to new places, but its really amazing to be in a country I love, where the people are really great and kind. One thing I really love about the BPM Festival is that you’re completely immersed in place filled with underground music. Here you surrounded by like-minded individuals and whatever party you show up to you’ll find friends and people you know, so being a part of BPM is quite special.

GDE: How many years have you performed at BPM?

Joris Voorn: This will be my second year performing, I wasn’t here last year but another year prior. Generally I like to take things a bit more easy in January because I go on holiday around this time with my family and at least one weekend out of each month to spend time with my family.

GDE: How important do you think the BPM Festival is to the underground dance music community and what purpose does it serve?

Joris Voorn: I think its becoming more and more important. They’ve started streaming it now on Be-At TV now because people love seeing these things online when they can’t actually be here. Almost everyone is here and involved. It’s definitely one of the key conference-like events and festivals in the scene today. It’s really important.

GDE: Aside from the festival, what’s currently going on with your music career? Are you working on a new album or anything special?

Joris Voorn: I’m constantly working on new music, like before I came down for this interview I was just in my hotel room producing and working on things. I’m not sure if an album is coming out anytime soon and I don’t want to make any promises because I’m always working on different things in music. It took many years for my last album to come out because I did everything I could to get things right and perfect. As far as new music, there’s plenty of releases on the way and I’ve been test driving a lot of them wherever I go. When people start asking about those tracks I’ve been playing out is when I really start to realize that I’m on the right path.

GDE: Let’s talk about Spectrum, your new event showcase that you will be touring in Amsterdam, London and few other locations around the world, how groundbreaking is there new concept for your career?

Joris Voorn: Spectrum will be a series of showcases that I’ll be curating and have complete control over. When I play at festivals or clubs I’m usually restricted to certain genres and not about to showcase enough diversity in my sets. If theres one thing I truly believe in music is diversity, hence the name of my upcoming showcases ‘Spectrum’. It’s basically going to celebrate a wide variety of music in my sets. One night could be more housey and another night could have more techno involved. It won’t be a ‘one-sound’ event and that’s something I’ll be looking forward to.

GDE: So, will you be hosting special guests or will it strictly be Joris?

Joris Voorn: Each Spectrum showcase will vary. I’ll be carefully curating my lineups to showcase the best music around. Sometimes it could be me playing out a 5,6, maybe 7 hour set and another night I’ll be playing out a night amongst my peers that I really appreciate and look up to.

GDE: Thanks so much for taking the time for our interview.

Joris Voorn: Sure thing, see you at the party!

Joris Voorn will be performing tonight at 6PM at the Blue Parrot for All Gone Pete Tong

Interview conducted by Johnathan Wan

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