2016 is a year many would say rocketed out of control, especially at the last minute. Kaskade recognized this as well, reflecting on the year through his blog and commemorating the memory of Kaskade Konnect founder Colleen Burns. His blog post goes on to honor a couple more significant losses and ends with a sentiment that the music should speak, not words. Check out the full post below and be sure to listen to all of the music he’s made this year for the memories below.

Ok 2016, you’ve made your point.

Perhaps the most poignant memory of 2016 is the sudden loss of Colleen Burns, who founded a community of friends from all over the world she named “Kaskade Konnect”. Colleen was more than a fan, she was a true diplomat and love ambassador. Her absence is felt every day, though her legacy outshines that sadness.

It’s been a tough year world-wide. I read somewhere that this year was proof that David Bowie actually did hold the fabric of the universe together. We lost him and everything went a little haywire. But as we emerge and look around there were some very high points. If we look at our pictures and spend some real time looking at all we’ve shared together, it’s been a landmark year.

Holy Ship, the Grammys, Ultra, Redux, EDC, Kaskade LA, and most importantly: all the music. It’s been a new year in a new studio and I’ve never felt so inspired. This is the year I finished The Arkade, and in the last three months, I’ve written more music (yet to be released) than I’ve written in the last three years. Join me in saying ‘bye 2016 and looking forward to what we can crush together in 2017.

At the end of this post, I’ve put together a complete library of the music that came out of my brain (and was released) in 2016. Because there’s really no better way to look back than by listening.


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