Remember when KAOS opened up earlier this year, snagged some great DJs to have residencies there, and got us another level of hyped for Vegas? Well, that was short-lived, because the nightclub has shut down. While we have plenty of other options in Sin City, the repercussions of the shut-down are still alive.

Kaskade, who we all know and many love, was one of the DJs that KAOS had on their bill. He signed a 2-year contract to play 30 shows for the club per year for the next two years. Things started to go as planned; Kaskade played 27 shows from the club’s opening until October. Then, KAOS canceled his last three shows. Kaskade states that he tried to give them reschedule dates, but the club was silent, and on November 5th, they announced they were closing down.

A deal is a deal, however, and Kaskade is now suing FP Holdings, the company behind Palms Casino resort, where KAOS was located, for money that he is owed under the contract. The lawsuit was obtained by TMZ, and while that exact amount is unknown, we can begin to imagine what a DJ like Kaskade makes per show in Las Vegas.


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