Kaskade’s Redux journey had humble beginnings as a series of shows with original mixes of his old tracks at select clubs. There was a bit of a rocky start, with those used to his main stage sound voicing their outrage on social media. It gained traction fast, though, and led to “Redux” remixes of his newer tracks and new original tracks with this concept in mind.

The third chapter in his musical release journey is the size of a full blown album. Redux 003 features his most recent hits “Fun” and “Tight.” Beyond that, the other 16 tracks include several collaborations with artists in and out of his label Arkade like Mr. Tape, Lökii, Sego, Late Night Alumni, Felix Cartal and Gorgon City. With a range of tempos, synths and drum sounds along with the tracklist, the album has a common thread of sexy vocals and intimate energy only Raddon can bring to the table.

Check out the whole album on your streaming platform of choice.

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