Shade throwing is just another service that Deadmau5 offers to other prominent artists on Twitter. This week, the target of this sass was Lil’ Yachty: the rapper reached out to his audience and the EDM world beyond that with a tweet asking to make the next big hit. A few artists (namely Alison Wonderland, Smails and Getter) voiced their potential support to help him make a MainStage banger. Though he wasn’t tagged, Zimmerman took it upon himself to pen a response, too. Yachty rather promptly responded with his claws bared against his e-foe…even getting into it. The fake Diplo decided to add some fuel to the fire as well, aiming his animosity toward Zimmerman

Cutesy twitter fight aside, it looks like Lil Yachty is in the market to make a big EDM song, and considering the producers that stepped up to help, it may not be half bad. Keep locked for news on who he ends up collating with.

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