Flosstradamus has just gifted us with their EDC Las Vegas set! circuitGROUNDS was madness when the HDYNATION got together, all decked out in the official gear throwing up the sign ready to fuck it up in a moshpit. As you can in the videos directly below, shit was pretty lit when Flosstradamus took over the circuitGROUNDS stage Sunday night of EDC Vegas.

This was the first EDC festival performance since Floss broke up after Josh and Curt D decided to go their separate ways last year. Curt Cameruci has gone solo and kept Flosstradamus alive, recently releasing his first solo single, “How You Gon’ Do That”, under the Floss brand.

Here’s what Curtis had to say about his new track:

“HDYNATION, been in the studio grinding & can’t wait to share what I’ve been cokkin up! The first of many to come is the new single. “How You Gon’ Do That”…it’s a new vibe to add to the Floss Catalog. Been working with Boombox Cartel, Dillon Francis, Diplo, Rickyxsam, Dirtcaps, Lil Jon and more to announce soon. Thank you so much for your support. HDYNATION 4 Life”

Listen to Flosstradmus’ EDC set down below and be sure to download it for free.

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