Perhaps not the best news to hear right before the festival, HARD Summer is facing issues following the death of 19-year-old Katie Dix in 2015. The charges include unspecified damages on wrongful death, negligence, premises liability and public nuisance allegations.

The suit maintains that the defendants knew or should that the drug Ecstasy is “commonly ingested at raves” and that it would be distributed and consumed at Hard Fest.

The defendants “turned a blind eye to the known risks in order to capitalize on teenagers and young adults who believed they were attending a safe party environment” sanctioned by the city of Pomona and Los Angeles County, the suit alleges. The rave fans also believed there were would be sufficient security and emergency personnel, according to the suit.

Katie Dix consumed what she thought was pure Ecstasy, often called “Molly,” but she instead consumed high levels of so-called “bath salts” that caused her to show common signs of a drug overdose, according to the complaint.

Lack of medical stations were cited as one of the biggest factors to Katie’s life not being saved. About 50 others were hospitalized at HARD last year for drug-related charges, with four medical stations at the festival.


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