Poppin bottles in the house and making “bored in the house” TikToks have been a real pleasure to see and be a part of but the stay at home party is just not cutting it for some folks and with states starting to reopen people are READY. According to Guest of a Guest, L.A.’s Penthouse Day Club had their “soft” opening this weekend with it being everything but “soft”.

The establishment opened its doors Sunday morning and guests could come to enjoy some brunch and more importantly the mimosas. A reservation was required and parties were maxed out at parties of 10. Limited seating, reservations, employees wearing protective gear, seems like everything would be super safe. Although, the real threat really comes from the crown of people who are not following the CDC guidelines as no make are seen being worn within the crowd of people. One of the bottle service perks that a guest took advantage of booking was paying $20,000 to have two beautiful women with bottles pop out of a… coffin?! Yes, a coffin. For guests who are scratching their itch to go out and burn a hole in their pocket, this was probably a great IG post to share. For the nearly 120,000 lives that have been claimed by the virus in the United States and their loved ones who are seeing this, I’m sure we are on the same disappointing stance.

Guest of a Guest – In the midst of a deadly pandemic and ongoing protests, restrictions on areas of commerce previously dubbed “nonessential” have been lifting across the country, finally answering the question on everybody’s mind: What does a nightclub look like in a dystopia?

Apparently, it looks like scantily clad servers wearing face masks and popping bottles while popping out of coffins. Hmm… sure, that sounds ridiculous enough to be true considering, well, *gestures broadly.*

Such was the actual scene at L.A.’s Penthouse Day Club, which opened its doors this Sunday for the first time since California lockdowns began back in March. The “soft reopening” came in the form of a brunch party wherein table reservations were mandatory and individual groups were capped at 10 people.

And though face masks seemed to dot the crowd, and appeared to be diligently worn by club employees, any valiant attempts at social distancing were clearly futile. Of course, the measurements between partygoers isn’t nearly as alarming as the literal CASKET being paraded around for reasons unbeknownst to us. Could it be a cheeky reference to the risk people are taking with their lives in order to sip some overpriced Armand de Brignac? Or maybe a fun way to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve died from COVID worldwide? Whatever the case, we sure hope that roughly $20,000 spectacle was worth it!

How do you feeling about LA clubs opening and having them operate like this? Will you be back in the club asap or wait it out?


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Here’s what you missed yesterday @phdayclubla .🔥⠀ .⠀

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Yesterday was one for the books! What way to kick off a new season at a new venue! #penthousedayclub ⚰️⚰️⚰️

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